PROTECT YOUR KIDNEYS – Part 3 By Tony Akinyemi



With the exception of a few individuals, all of us are born with two kidneys that constitute part of the URIARY SYSTEM & ELIMINATIVE ORGANS of the body. In Part 1, looked at some of the common diseases that afflict the kidney. In Part 2, we addressed the causes and symptoms of kidney diseases. In this Part 3, we will explore some actions that we need to take to PROTECT our kidneys from damage.






  • Deal with diabetes and hypertension. These two medical conditions have damaged the kidneys of more people than anything else. So, if you have been diagnosed with either or both of these conditions, please don’t joke with it. Address it appropriately.


  • Avoid kidney-damaging toxins from your foods and cosmetics. Avoid foods that are laden with artificial flavours, artificial colours, chemical preservatives, and so on. Be careful with the kind of cosmetics you apply to your skin and hair. Use natural products. My simple rule of thumb is “if I can’t pronounce the names of the ingredients, then I won’t buy it or use it.” QED.


  • Avoid indiscriminate use of analgesics such as PARACETAMOL. Many people have damaged their own kidneys through the use of over-the counter medications.


  • Know the Side-Effects of Your Medication. If you are on any prescription medication that was prescribed by your doctor, please take time to study the label and understand the possible side effects or adverse effects that the drug might induce. Some prescription drugs can damage the kidneys and the liver.


  • Drink enough water daily. As simple as this is, not too many people observe it. Also, the water you drink must be pure, alkaline, rich in minerals and trace minerals, and preferable structured if possible.


  • If you are prone to kidney stones, avoid oxalate-rich foods such as SPINACH, BEETS, etc. Calcium oxalate stones are the most common type of kidney stones. As such, many patients with kidney stones can benefit from a diet that reduces calcium kidney stones. However, if you don’t test high for oxalate, this will not necessarily benefit you. You really don’t need to cut out healthy oxalate-rich foods from your diet if you are not prone to developing kidney stones. In fact, oxalate is practically unavoidable, because most plant foods have some. However, those who have had kidney stones before should avoid the following:
  • French fries
  • Spinach
  • Beets
  • Nuts and nut butters
  • Bran flakes
  • Rhubarb, &
  • Potato chips


  • Increase the amount of calcium in your diet. Low amounts of calcium in the diet actually increases your chances of forming calcium oxalate kidney stones. Some people avoid calcium because of the name “calcium oxalate stones.” What they don’t realize is that calcium binds oxalate in the intestines. A calcium-rich diet actually helps to reduce the amount of oxalate being absorbed by our body. So, kidney stones are less likely to form. Therefore, eat calcium-rich foods everyday or take a Calcium Citrate supplement. Meanwhile, eating high-calcium foods at the same time as high-oxalate foods is helpful.


  • Minimize your intake of animal protein. Plant protein is gentler on our kidneys.


  1. Sir, you ministry has blessed my life and family,i sat first under your ministration in 2008 when you minister in RCCG Day spring parish Rivers Province 4 HQ.

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