Mar 2021

Below is the first part of my write-up on VACCINES. Just to give some background info👇 INTRODUCTION: Inoculation has been part of human history. It is part of the natural process employed in nature to prime or help us develop immunity against rampaging and ravaging disease-causing germs. Even the birthing process of a baby through the mother’s birth canal inoculates the baby with micro-organisms in the birth canal to help the baby start developing immunity. When babies start sitting and crawling, they pick up stuff and put them into their mouth, thereby......

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Apr 2019

1) Diseases are like PLANTS while the human body is like SOIL. If the soil is not fertile and conducive for the plant, the plant cannot thrive on that soil. 2) A TOXIC body is a fertile soil for DISEASE. This is why DETOXIFICATION is CRITICAL to both Disease Prevention & Disease Reversal. 3) Disease can be both initiated and sustained in the human body by TOXINS. 4) So, WHAT IS A TOXIN? A Toxin is anything that is not supposed to be in the body at all or that is not......

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Feb 2019
The Many Health Benefits of Avocado By Dr. Joseph Mercola

You probably know that avocados are an excellent source of healthful fats, but this whole food may also have other unique health benefits. To learn more, the Hass Avocado Board (HAB) is supporting clinical research to investigate various health effects of avocado consumption, particularly its benefits for cardiovascular disease, weight management, diabetes, and its ability to enhance your body’s absorption of nutrients. David Heber, MD, PhD, and his colleagues found in their research that avocados benefit vascular function and heart health.  Avocados – A Real ‘Super Food’  Avocados are rich in monounsaturated......

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Feb 2019

How often do you have a bowel movement? I hope you are aware that the rate of your bowel movement is a pointer to the state of your health. The ideal transit time for food is 16-24 hours; by this time, the nutrient in the food should be absorbed into the blood and waste product eliminated. Therefore, the ideal frequency of bowel movement should be once daily. Anything beyond this could be indicative of constipation. Constipation, of course, allows harmful bacteria to hang around longer, which allows them to proliferate causing damage......

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Oct 2018

The Principle of HYDRATION is one of our 21 Principles of HEALTHY LIVING. Dehydration is a CONTRIBUTING FACTOR to many disease conditions. Just as water is needed for health, bad water or contaminated water can also cause certain diseases. There are water-borne diseases and water-related diseases. This is the reason that we must ensure that our source of water is clean and safe. COMMON SOURCES OF WATER Rain water Municipal water Well water Borehole water Rivers/Streams/Lakes Spring water WATER CHLORINATION & FLUORIDATION; ARE THEY SAFE? The fluoridation and chlorination of public or......

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