1) Diseases are like PLANTS while the human body is like SOIL. If the soil is not fertile and conducive for the plant, the plant cannot thrive on that soil.

2) A TOXIC body is a fertile soil for DISEASE. This is why DETOXIFICATION is CRITICAL to both Disease Prevention & Disease Reversal.

3) Disease can be both initiated and sustained in the human body by TOXINS.

4) So, WHAT IS A TOXIN? A Toxin is anything that is not supposed to be in the body at all or that is not supposed to be there for a long time that is nevertheless there for longer than necessary. Toxins are toxic to tissues in the body and can actually interfere with normal physiological & biochemical processes in the body. These interferences and distortions can lead to uncomfortable symptoms and even disease.

5) Toxins can originate from OUTSIDE the body and find their way into the body from the external environment. These are referred to as EXO-TOXINS. There are also other toxins that are INTERNALLY generated within the body routinely or occasionally. These are referred to as ENDO-TOXINS.

6) There are basically two types of EXO-TOXINS: natural and synthetic. Examples of natural exo-toxins are poisonous mushrooms, the venom of poisonous snakes, scorpions, etc. If these toxins get into our body, they can paralyze and even kill if there is no immediate and appropriate intervention. Examples of synthetic exo-toxins are asbestos that can cause cancer, plastic that can cause hormone disruption, herbicides, and many more man-made substances in the environment that have found their way into our food chain.

7) There are at least 4 types of ENDO-TOXINS: metabolic wastes from the foods and drinks we ingest on a daily basis, products of allergic reactions, stress hormones, and toxins released by infectious agents such as bacteria or fungi or viruses when they infect us.

8) Effects of toxins on our body and health include but are not limited to the following:
— toxins can cause disease
— toxins can cause DNA damage that can lead to cancer
— toxins can hinder the healing process
— toxins can hinder nutrient absorption into cells in our body
— toxins can make certain body systems to become dysfunctional
— toxins can compromise our immunity
— toxins can interfere with oxygen transport within the body
— In short, toxins can kill prematurely

9) Sources of toxins in our environment include but are not limited to the following:
— plastic
— chemicals
— cookware (aluminium cookware, non-stick cookware)
— personal care products (cosmetics)
— acrylamide in Fried Foods
— mercury in certain fish and some dental fillings, etc.
— industrial pollution & vehicular exhausts
— Food additives & food packaging products
— polluted water
— toxic agro-chemicals that have been banned in other countries but still being used in some countries
— Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO Foods)
— radiation from power lines and telecommunication masts, etc.
— etc.

10) So, what is DETOXIFICATION? It simply refers to the removal of toxins from our body. Typically, God has already equipped the human body with the apparatus to remove wastes or toxins from the body in a timely and an efficient manner so they don’t precipitate disease in our body. This apparatus has at least 6 components:
— the LIVER
— the LUNGS
— the COLON
— the SKIN

11) God knows that toxins will make us sick & end up killing us if they are not efficiently removed in a timely manner, that’s why He, in His wisdom, installed these eliminative organs and systems in us. We should therefore never do anything to hinder this detox apparatus from its functions.

12) The eliminative organs and systems in us help to eliminate GASEOUS, LIQUID, & SOLID wastes from our body through breathing, flatulence, urination, sweating, and defaecation. So, those who don’t poopoo daily are holding back toxins within their body for too long. Transit time for our food should normally be 16-24hrs from the time we eat till the time we are eliminating the waste. Also, those with kidney impairment are holding toxins for too long in their system; that’s why their body swells. Those who have compromised their liver too will have a hard time eliminating waste because the liver is the central laboratory of the body and the center of detoxification.

13) We must all do our utmost to avoid or, at least, minimize the amount of toxins that enter into our body by eating clean foods — organic foods, foods without chemical preservatives, artificial colors and artificial flavors, and by avoiding Genetically Modified Foods.

14) We can enhance waste removal from our body by eating high fiber foods, fresh organic fruits and vegetables daily and by exercising to stimulate sweating. We should also drink enough purified water daily.

15) Sometimes, it becomes necessary to stimulate the body to remove wastes by doing any of the following:
— using detox herbs such as DANDELION and MILK THISTLE fur liver detox,
— drinking special herbal preparations or juices for gallbladder detox.
— taking special preparations for kidney detox
— exercising regularly to sweat
— doing colon hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation
— using coffee enema
— going into the sauna to stimulate sweat
— Massage therapy and lymphatic drainage
— using products such as BROWN SEAWEED for radiation detox
— using herbs such as Cilantro, Spirulina, chlorella, and supplements such as EDTA orally or intravenously for heavy metal detox.
—- etc.

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Shalom and mega blessings.


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