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About 8 million Nigerians suffer from hypertension and 4 million has diabetes; 100, 000 new cases of cancers are diagnosed each year in Nigeria.These and many more chronic disease conditions are cutting the lives of many short. Join Rev Tony Akinyemi & his team of world class facilitators as they share basic principles that can help you PREVENT or REVERSE these and many more chronic diseases.

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Amazing feedbacks from our students

I was diagnosed with cancer of the Lung, I was coughing profusely, I did several test and X-rays in a quest for a solution. I was on drugs for several months. In June 2013, I woke up one morning breathless. I thought it was my end so I visited a friend who insisted I needed to get help. She called an ambulance and I was immediately rushed to the hospital where I was admitted for 2 months. I sent Rev Tony a mail and I started reading his materials on healthy living and started juicing and now I am healed.

Testimonial Dr Ashuke
Dr Ashuke
Free from Lung Cancer

My mother had Arthritis, as a result of that she was incapacitated. My neighbor invited all women in my estate to come and listen to Rev Tony Akinyemi’s CD. I was inspired and got curious so I came to see Rev Tony. I purchased all his CDs and newsletters on arthritis and sent them to my mum. By October 2012 she got better. I was diagnosed last year with steroid and hormonal imbalance. I was bleeding profusely, I came to see Rev Tony Akinyemi, he prescribed some supplements and advised I started eating right. I started the hallelujah diet and I am super great now all the swellings disappeared and I am healthy praise God.

Testimonial Mrs E. Asheley
Mrs E. Asheley
Healed from Arthritis, Steroid & Hormonal Imbalance

About 6 years ago I watch Rev Tony on TV he talked about Extreme Make-Over and I was blessed. I was diagnosed with hypertention and I struggled with it for months, my BP was going higher by the day. My Doctor placed me on a drugs and warned strongly against stopping my medication. I was confused and needed help, I decided to write Rev Tony in 2013. I received a mail from Rev Tony inviting me for a lecture on High blood pressure in Lagos. He said there was reversal for every disease. I bought all the tapes and newsletters on hypertension at the seminar. I told my Doctor that I was going to be his first patient to be delivered from hypertension. I started the healthy living diet and also took supplements that were recommended by Rev Tony. Within 8 months my blood pressure normalized, I stopped my medication. I started a health seminar in Warri. I have been able to bless the people around me praise God.

Testimonial Rev Famous D. Warri
Rev Famous D. Warri
Blood Pressure Normalized